Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In the grip of a heatwave

Melting doesn't beging to describe it global warming be darned. We had a cool May and a rainy July to only suffer through a tremendously hot July. The question of fragrance only makes me queasy most days. However there are a few respites.

beach in Halkidiki (Greece) via

Contrary to the perennial line-up of Light Blue (D&G) and Infusion d'Iris (Prada) which so many local women choose to wear on the hottest days, I opt for biting green chypres with piercing fangs. Chanel No.19 fragrance, especially in the less rosy and more vetiver-rich eau de toilette version, manages to sit on my bosom with the starchy iris of its heart and make me feel dry and groomed even when I can almost feel the droplets of sweat collect on the base of my throat. Curiously enough the heat makes it bloom and feel terribly sexy as well, with the bitter galbanum reacting perfectly to cut through the humidity like a scimitar. Bandit Eau de Parfum (Piguet), on the other hand, cuts with the startling bite of a bullwhip, and that's such an unlikely relief when it's hot as hell and you need that slap to wake up and get on with your day! If most people need pick-me-ups when drunk, consider me one (among others) who needs a taser when it's hot and humid. Other fragrances which serve me well in the heat are Sycomore by Chanel, Philosykos by Diptyque (review here and there's some Philosykos history background too) and Guerlain's Vetiver for men.

Much like the Spanish Inquisition, as immortalised in the words of Monty Python, my weapons of choice are "fear and surprise, surprise and fear." They seem to work pretty well.

And for those fully intending on embracing their sweat there are cumin and sweaty-like fragrances which the PerfumeShrine highlighted a while ago...


  1. chypres and anything vetiver are my go-to scents in hot weather too. they just feel right!

  2. Opus V (Amouage) and Covet (Zoologist) individually and mixed are the scents I use this year in the heat. No flowers, coconut, chocolate or caramel notes will do! Also choose Vent Vert (vintage Balmain) and Jicky, vintage and current formulations (Guerlain) as clean, refreshing scents.

    1. Civet by Zoologist, not Covet!!

  3. Hi I have a query
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  4. I have seen on TV that you are having shocking heat and bush fires... I hope you are safe .
    I miss Goutal's Camille - such a lovely green scent that worked so well in our heat.Never sicky and a beautiful cool feeling with every puff. Wish they would bring it back.

  5. Green teas, citrus, mint, aldehydes, and light synthetics for me. The newly re-released Soda and perennial fave Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons, Menthe Fraîche by Heely, Aldhèyx by LM Parfums, and, of course, Eau de Cologne Impériale by Guerlain (not to mention any number of other eaux de colognes) are my go-to scents for hot weather.

    As for Zoologist's Civet, Nonnanina3 is made of stronger stuff than I. Fighting fire with fire makes sense, but it would far too heady a battle for me.

  6. Spraying and respraying Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte liberally in heatwawes. The green leaves and light mossy notes contrasting the tangy bitterorange is incredible relaxing and refreshing.

  7. I too love bitter greens in summer! Bandit but also Cabochard parfum from a vintage mini. To a lesser degree of relevance, I enjoy A Scent and Parfums de Nicolai's Eau Chic. The later, I could own the giant splash bottle she offers! Even Aromatics Elixir does well in heat.

    Of course, I have summer days where I fight fire with fire and wear Shalimar parfum. :)


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